d7 integration

Please see this article for troubleshooting.

We worked with FoolishIT to get d7 integrated in the simplest way possible.

Once you are configured, all you have to do is close d7 and the reports get sent to us with no extra steps.

Here is a quick screenshot tutorial;

Go to the Tickets tab and get a Ticket Number you want to work on. Here we'll use 2142

When you are in d7 you can tell it to prompt you for this work order number every time, or click it to edit.

You should go into your d7 config and adjust the default email address to your Ticket Reply Email from your settings in RS

This is what it looks like when you click on the # to edit it;

Be sure you have the Info Report.html getting generated, you can check this box to generate it;

To verify the Info Report is attached, you can go to the report viewer;

Then you can just 'close' d7 to get the screen that prompts you to email the final report

That screen will look like this, and you will need to uncheck 'Zipped' one time - it will remember after that

(If your subject has the text "d7 Reports" or "All Reports" in it the integration should work.)

That's it! Now your reports will show up under Tickets -> Computer Reports, and they'll be attached in the Ticket in 'Additional Information'

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