Device Repair Widget

The mobile device widget is a great way to quickly capture device information. It can be used in the following ways:

1. Techs do Check-ins from within the system.
2. In your store on a terminal/tablet, where customers can check themselves in.
3. Embedded on your website.

The Device Widget allows you to select the device customers want serviced (iPhone), model (5s), color (gold), etc.  This creates a lead to you right from your web page which flows into the Leads module just like with emails sent to your Leads email, people who use your kiosk, leads through the standard web integration, etc.

The embed code for your account can be found in the Admin > Settings > Web Integrations section at the bottom of the page.

You can change the height and width there.  

To Customize the fields, head to Admin, Device Widget Customization, and you can adjust what shows on the page. To rearrange the devices, just click and drag on the three horizontal lines that look like hamburgers, next to the Edit button.

You can specify an image from a working URL, or select one of the thumbnails we give you;

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