Printing Labels with DYMO on a Mac

This article uses Star TSP100 receipt printer as the example but works for DYMO 450 (non-turbo) as well.

Neither Safari nor Chrome provide an option to allow you to set a default printer and paper size. So to work around it, follow the instruction below.
  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Go to File Menu > Page Setup.
  3. Select format for your receipt printer.
  4. Set the paper size to 72x2000mm or the size appropriate for your labels.
  5. Select Save as Default in the Settings drop down menu.
  6. Click Ok.

**Customer Support is not responsible for making sure this process works. This workaround has been provided because OSX doesn't allow you to change printer settings within the operating system. We suggest using printers within a Windows environment so you can configure the settings at the operating system level. Please email if you have any questions!

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