Parts vs Inventory - The difference

Some historical background on Inventory vs Parts Modules:

Inventory is one of the most powerful modules in the application. It tracks all sorts of physical/electronic devices, labor, deposits, prepay hours, quantities, when to refill stock, etc. This is the normal equipment you work with everyday, and expect to have in your store or warehouse. When you have low stock on specific inventory, you want to be kept informed so you can re-order. This is why we send out a daily email of all low stock in inventory, so we keep you notified on a daily basis. You use Purchase Orders to resupply low levels of Inventory. Purchase Orders are directly connected with your Inventory and Vendors, making that entire process easy. The Parts module is a completely separate entity.

Parts were intended for a different purpose. This module was created for special orders that you don't normally do, or don't usually keep in stock. Example: Special phone screen for a phone that you don't normally work on, or a special motherboard for a laptop.

You can easily attach the part order to a ticket when it arrives. You order a part, set the order date, and when it arrives you check the part in. Once you check it in, it will append to the ticket, and the Parts transaction will complete (and disappear). You can then see the Parts that you ordered on the ticket when you click on "Add/View Charges on Ticket." You can see an entire log of all Parts orders by clicking on "View Completed." We do this so you can easily tell live from completed Parts orders.

workflow Video, and how it works:

Note: If you want to track a part order for a ticket but it doesn't need to be applied to the final Invoice, leave the final price blank.

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