Can I bulk import Inventory in RepairShopr?

Yes!  You can import and export your inventory in the Inventory module.  Bulk editing inventory is also possible.  Watch this video to find out more!

If you're adding Vendors to your Inventory items, please note that you need create the Vendors in the Admin > Vendors section before you upload those inventory items.

Here are some helpful tips:

1. Unless you've exported your inventory from the software and it's an existing product (already in the software), the 'id' column should be left blank.

2. If you are adding items with quantity, make sure the 'maintain_stock' column is set to TRUE.

3. If the item is taxable, make sure the 'taxable' column is set to TRUE.

4. If you are using product categories, make sure those categories have been created in the system before you import the inventory.

5. If using Big-Chain: You can leave the 'quantity' column blank, but make sure to fill out the individual location's quantity on the CSV.

6. Don't use the $ symbol when filling out cost and price.

7. If your UPC codes are long, make sure that Excel isn't shortening them using scientific notation prior to importing.

8. If delete is TRUE and there is an id that matches, that product will be deleted completely.

9. The name of the product should be unique.


If you think your csv file has all the right fields, but your import doesn't load inventory, try uploading your CSV to this test site and see if the columns are correct:

* NOTE: Long UPC numbers may not display properly in Excel, as Excel automatically shortens long numbers to scientific notation. You may want to turn off this option, as importing a CSV with scientific notation into the software will not store data properly.

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