How do I create a Ticket?

Creating Tickets

There are a ton of ways of creating Tickets!

You can click on any of the top 3 big green buttons on the main screen.

You can click the "+" icon in the top right and click any of the top 3 selections.

You can click on the Tickets Tab and locate the green button on the right that says 'New Ticket'

You can create a Ticket from the Customer's Detail screen!

And there are more!

Next, once you have clicked New Ticket you will need to search for or create a customer (This will depend on which path you took to start the ticket).

Once you have either created or found your customer, you can continue by clicking Create Ticket. The following screen is where you enter in the Ticket Details.

The 3 highlighted sections are the only required fields necessary to create a Ticket. Everything else is there depending on the level of depth you want to capture about the Ticket you are creating. Once you have entered the information you want to capture, simply click Create Ticket.

That's it! Good job opening the ticket!

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