Premium Onboarding Services

Premium Onboarding Services: $499 One-Time Fee

If you want more hands-on help getting started with the software. Our Premium Onboarding Services might be what you're looking for. We'll designate a member of our awesome tech support team to help you get up-and-running, from training your staff on the core functionality of all the features, to helping you get set up integrations, we've got you covered.

For a one-time $499 fee, you'll receive three 1-on-1 screenshare sessions that cover:

  • Hands on help via screenshare from one of our amazing tech support specialists.
  • Learn the Basics of the system: Customers, Invoices, Tickets, Payments, Inventory, Purchase Orders, Assets, Contracts, Integrations, and more...
  • Help importing your existing customer data and information.
  • Help with setting up core functionality of all the features to fit your business workflow and environment.
  • Setup for any integrations that apply to your business.

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