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Let's face it we all work on the same devices why not make a central database with images and model specs on these devices so it they can be added to inventory or created into assets. There is not sense in typing in the same info again and again.

I imagine it would be used this way. A new device comes into the market one person adds that device and shares it with the community by selecting a checkbox to share the device. We populate the info as a community or the first person can populate the info.

For example. Iphone 6, Manufacturer Apple. Release date 2014, Internal Memory 64gb, 128gb colors: blue, white, red. Model Numbers A123 -> GSM -> Carriers Altel, Sprint, Verizon.

The idea is that the info in this database can be relational. So if you have an iphone from a customer select that model to start then start filling in fields in any order and it will eliminate all models and start populating the data for this particular device. Say if you select Verizon as a carrier but they only support two model numbers you would only see those two in the list to choose from.

These same devices can be looked up in the same database to add them as an asset or for sale as a product. Pictures would be in a central database and we won't have to each find an image for an iphone 6 again and again.

The idea is similar to how media servers look up data about a particular movie. Images, Release dates and descriptions do not need to be created again and again.

Access to this database can be licensed to third parties too.

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  • Dave Adams commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Another attribute that would speed up ticket creation is a common repair type database such as broken screen, charging port, malicious software removal, hinge repair, water damage etc.

  • torrie commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Would like to see this option, there has to be a way to import all options.

  • mr.mo.ali commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Some fields will have more than one entry. For example a note could be categorized as a cellphone or a Phablet. For this you can select which of the two categories you would like to use. Also, you can select a different product shot for each image if more than one is available.

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