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Often I am on site with a client and I get a call from another client who I tell I have to call back. Generally I listen to the problem to make sure a server isn't down, etc. Would be nice if we could email into repairshopr with a subject similar to "Printer not working - domain.com"

It would then create a ticket under the client domain.com

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Daniel DeMayo shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

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  • K Cunningham commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Any ideas is something like this can be implemented? Doesn't have to be complex; and if it's troublesome to create something like this, with the linking to a "domain" or customer profile, then maybe having a section of just unassigned (to clients) tickets.

    A QuickAdd ticket field or section would be crucial! And is something I think we have been missing all along. Thus what happens is, I'll email myself, or another staff, or dump it on the calendar; but that all gets lost and is difficult to track and follow-up on!

    Another add-on to something like this would be, email-to-quick-add. Idea here would be, we could email ourselves (general company profile/RS email) a note, ticket, to-do, to add, quickTicket, etc... and it would dumo into a list of todos somewhere; kind of like how leads work, but for ourselves. So then another tech/rep or even the originator can 'later' come back and assign that ticket to a customer (in the ticket it would be noted who it is for by the originator)

    Guess my final question here is... supposedly it is possible to 'email' to a ticket, does it mean it's possible to create a *new* ticket in that same process? If so, theoretically, couldn't we just create a customer for internal uses only, and just email RS with the internal-quickadd-internal-customer?

    Open new email, and create the following (example)

    To: ourcompanyRSemail@domain
    Subject: Law firm X needs a new printer <comp-profile-quickadd>
    Body: called/emailed today, they really want a new printer quote.

    Then either RS is smart and links this to JoeBlow because of how the ticket subject is titled. OR (easier and likely fine for most) it will just dump that email ticket into a list of to-do / pre-assigned list of pre-tickets.

    Let us know. And whether we can do something like this already with he tools already presented.

    Creating tickets quickly, or even in BULK can a nightmarishly time consuming process under the normal method. (Which is fine in most cases, but not as ideal in quick / mobile situations)


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