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The calendar is proving to be difficult to navigate.

Here are some suggestions.

From the ticket screen:
Be able to add or edit appointments from the ticket screen with a similar interface as when the ticket was originally created.

be able to attach multiple appointments to the same ticket.

from the field jobs screen:
ability to locate tickets in the drop down in some kind of organized manner (alphabetically, by ticket number, something). Currently I am not sure how that list is organized but we have something like 70 tickets in it and it is really difficult to find the ticket we are trying to make an appointment for.

Fix the mouse over feature. so many bubbles pop open Its impossible to view the one we are looking for. Once you are able to get the correct bubble to pop up it only stays for a split second and the information it contains is insufficient.

the ability to have multiple techs scheduled for appointments at the same time with out having to mash the appointment boxes together. We often have 2 or more techs with appointments at the same time. It it really difficult to see what is going on when they are all smooshed.

Would also be nice to have the ability to assign an appointment to multiple techs for when we have to send multiple people to the same job.

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