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Apply Contract Pricing Discounts to Product Categories

Hey everyone, lets talk about Contract Pricing and discounts.

I have a ton of items in product categories, and some of my customers get a discount based on the product category, which we try and handle through Contracts.

Here's a scenario:

I have a customer that resells small cylinders of gas that we manufacture in house. My margin on these is decent, so they get 30% off our list pricing of any gas. The problem is that there are something like 300 SKUs easily in this category. I can't add all of these manually every time we get set up a new distributor. In addition, we add to this list of cylinders all the time, so we would then need to add the new pricing to each and every distributor individually.

Other items, like parts, I get much less margin on, so their discount may be 5% across the board. Again, there are TONS of SKUs here, so it's difficult to add them all individually.

What I'm asking for is a way to add a discount in the contract, by percentage, to a CATEGORY of product. For instance, you could set all items within a category to get 30% off, and it would apply to all tickets, invoices, and estimates.

This would be a MASSIVE help to keeping everyone's pricing straight. In industrial B2B world, it's pretty standard to discount based on product category, so my customers tend to expect it of me.

James Moore

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  • Tim Nyberg commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    agreed. it would be nice to be able also to just simply apply a discount as a percentage vs. having to choose a Dollar amount in the contract. There are other requests like this one.

    For example - put all Labor in a Labor category then be able to give clients with certain agreements a % discount on labor vs. having to choose each item or having to go in and change the $$ amount each time your rates change on that item.

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