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Hey RepairShopr Team!
I have a pretty big feature request, that I feel the entire user base could make great use of!

We hit a pretty big roadblock recently, particularly in the option to add multiple discounts to invoices.

Primarily, Specific types of Invoice line items, such as Labor.

I’m sure as all of us who use this platform know, We all offer Labor services, and Hardware items, in a few, if not many different flavors and types.

I am Requesting a Add on feature option, to allow us to discount Specific line item Categories present on an invoice\estimate

Due to the fact we have joint discounts, and the like for specific service line items, the standard Discount Inventory options (Amount or Percentage) do not allow us to utilize invoicing discounts without manual line item entries, and manual adjustments of line item pricing, by staff that have applicable permissions;
due to the fact that the discount line items apply to the ENTIRE invoice\estimate. That means, parts, labor, and other items, miscellaneous or not, need to be Manually adjusted per item, or with a secondary line item set, and the line item description modified or changed, to keep track of why the line item was discounted.

This would be much easier, if we had the ability, to classify an entire Product CATEGORY (Everyones individual names for their categories are likely different), instead of a Discount line item that requires adjustment every time. As I’m sure there are plenty of us who do not wish to discount a hardware part, but would discount a labor service and a software piece together.

Currently When we attempt to create a new line item, We see this:


What I would love to see, is when we click the button for discount(amount or percent) when creating a line item, it would have a MULTI-SELECT DROPDOWN box, next to the Amount\Percent choices, that would allow us to choose only that single Category for discount, turning it into THIS:
Human Error is an impossible thing to eliminate in its entirety, and integrating this feature would prevent many of your clients, (Us included) from potentially discounting too much, or too little, on an invoice. Saving us all from potential loss of profit, and loss of customer in event a discount is applied incorrectly.

Say for example we want to host a Sale on Laptop, or desktop computers which are individually categorized and include a discounted labor service with the purchase or either, or a discount on a software Addon. But not necessarily at the same percentage.
an Employee\Technician\serviceman (whatever everyone prefers to call themselves) has to then manually attempt to calculate discounts into a single manual line item, with a negative price.

Say the laptops are 30 percent off, and labor is 20 percent off, and software is 10 percent off.
It gets very messy for a single person to figure out, and also causes a lot of lost time trying to “Crunch numbers”.

When instead, With the ability to create line items on invoices from DISCOUNTED CATEGORIES, technician could add items like this :

Pretend this is an invoice!

Category/Description/Quantity/Rate/Extended (As listed on invoices\estimates)
Laptop / Example / 1.0 / 999.99 / 999.99 *Exhibit A. 30% off
Labor / Example / 1.0 / 500.00 / 500.00 *Exhibit B 20 % off
Labor / Example / 1.0 / 250.00 / 250.00 *Exhibit B 20 % off
Software / Example / 1.0 / 99.99 / 99.99 *Exhibit C 10 % off

SUPERCOOLNEW DISCOUNT FIX (linked Category A)/description / 1.0. / -333.33 / -333.33
SUPERCOOLNEW DISCOUNT FIX (linked Category B)/description / 1.0. / -150.00 / -150.00
^^^^^^total of 20% off all items in labor category^^^^^^^^
SUPERCOOLNEW DISCOUNT FIX (linked Category C)/description / 1.0. / -9.99 / -9.99

Allowing Techs to just add individual line items utilizing CATEGORY DISCOUNT eliminates mistakes, protecting company bottom line all around.

In the backend, instead of having the discount utilize the Invoice Total for discounts, It would utilize the Item CATEGORY\QUANTITY\PRICE.

Please contact me for more info, as I would love to help get this integrated ASAP.

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