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Link Multiple Tickets Together

Often, we'll receive multiple pieces of equipment to work on at once. Due to the nature of our business, each piece of equipment requires a single ticket.

I'd like some way to link the tickets together. Either being able to create a ticket, and then have an action for "clone and link" or some way of just selecting "link this ticket to existing ticket."

I would like for this link to also have a notes or custom fields box. Here's my rationale:

Often, I'll get in three instruments for repair. With this, they'll also give us a case and 2 chargers. The chargers aren't necessarily linked to any existing ticket, they're linked to an overall job that contains the multiple tickets. They may approve an estimate for one instrument (ticket) while scrapping the other 2. If I attach the accessories to a ticket that gets scrapped, then it's hard for someone to see which accessories need to be returned to the customer. A screen that has a linked ticket view here would be excellent. Would show:

1. Which tickets are part of the linked group.
2. Notes on the linked group as a whole.
3. Costs associated with each ticket (bonus if we can create a linked ticket invoice which would flip each ticket to Invoiced and green that step of the project widget).
4. Ability to create a new ticket on the page that would be part of the group.
5. Field in the customer page as part of the tickets module that would show what group the tickets are part of.
6. Summary PDF showing all tickets, their status, and invoiced total of each if there's an invoice.

Just an idea to start. I can flesh this out if there's interest, but I'd be

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