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LEADS Module OVERHAUL - UPGRADE Inboxr and UNIFY Features

The Leads module is in need of some serious TLC. It's had dozens of tweaks and changes all kind of "patched in" and now is really a mess of a feature. You can use Inboxr as an upgrade, but it can't be set as default. Leads has a link to the customer, but Inboxr has the ability to reply to emails in a typical email fashion. You can't mark as read in Inboxr, nor can you specify location; but it’s the only place you can do bulk selections. It's kind of like two halves of a Frankenstein feature. As of current, I don't even have the Leads module enabled for techs because it's really unusable.

With that said, I'm putting together a list of changes to make the module actually work. I've gathered these notes from other feedback submissions, as well as struggles we've had internally:

1. Make it ONE module. Inboxr seems to be the "upgrade" and looks to have more features. Let's use that.
2. Add a link to the customer’s profile from Inboxr.
3. Automatically mark messages as “read” after we read them. And add option for “mark unread”.
4. Let us view lead statuses (won, lost, in negotiation, etc) by viewing the “folder” of that status.
5. Enable signatures of tech’s responding to the lead. (This is a feature missing all over RS)
6. Add attachments to lead responses (another feature missing all over RS)
7. Enable HTML or rich text visualization (seriously! WTF is the deal with plain text?!)
8. Build in a search box, like every other email reply system has
9. Add all the “patched in” features into the lead detail view (merge, attachments, notes, etc)
10. Add a basic spam filter and block list. (so simple)
11. Separate Leads from Kiosk mode. They should be different but have the option to talk to each other.
12. Add canned responses to leads (this should be in everything!)
13. Be able to process a lead into an Estimate or Invoice (as well as a Ticket currently)
14. Add a history feed (audit log) to the bottom of each lead (this should be in everything!)
15. Enable leads to have their “location” changed (if big chain account)
16. More security group permissions (list/search, view detail, edit, email/reply, process, delete)

To sum it up, Leads really should function like a “Pre-Ticket” in every fashion. After all, the module is meant to convert into Tickets or a sale of some kind. There are over 80 separate feature requests for the Leads module in the forum right now. This module should be a focus for a week and can be completely fixed.

@community: Please add any other tweaks missing from my list.

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  • Russell Davis commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi there - are their any updates on the revamping of the Leads Module - here is my dream list
    a. I would like my sales staff to not be able to see each other leads
    b. For sales staff not to be able to access the ticket module
    c. for sales staff not to be able to copy and paste from the system

  • Barry walker commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Safesforce is launching SMS, and Facebook Messenger to their leads section. This would be an amazing feature. Especially for mobile techs. I find people contact me about jobs through SMS, email and facebook messenger and it's hard to control them all. Imagine being able to control it all in repairshoppr. Would leave your competitors for dead.

  • Tim Nyberg commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It would also be nice to be sure the Referral source field was included in that left window. "Convert/Attach this lead to a Customer" That saves a step and if that would work with the web portal portion again saves a step since all these leads are coming form our webpage in many cases.

    Included the ability to used our Canned text list

    Have the hidden notes work more like the hidden notes in a ticket

    Rich Text, it's over due.

    Use the normal tickets status not all this sales funnel stuff. This is really nothing more then a spam filter for tickets we need a better more robust system for a sales tool including a separate list of Prospects that could be managed separately from customers for the purposes of emailing and postcard mailings etc. Setting sales appointments and such also needs to be included in that sales/CRM system. This leads system really shouldn't be forced to do double duty...it just needs to be fixed as a ticket filter and start a new Sales/CRM.

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