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More CRM features - manage mailing lists - better sorting options

It would be very nice if there was a much more robust CRM in RSr, really expand on the “LEADS”. We currently keep our mailing list in a FileMaker Pro DB so we can mail out postcards, call prospects and maintain those notes. RSr has nothing to support this at all. It would be nice to import all our "Postcard" mailing prospecting list into RSr and have that phone calling log..and fields that would support more of a sales and marketing function, setting appointments, reminders to call, notes about what the clients have talked about etc.

it would also be very nice if we could have a place to sort out Residential clients form Business clients. We mail different mailings to each of those groups and can’t easily even sort those out at this time. I would love to be able to manage all this in one place so we didn’t have to keep using our FMP DB.

integration with a service like smartpress.com would be great for this as well. Being able to manage and print mailings form our "CRM" in RSr. So we could input our PDF for the postcard and just build our list from RSr, and then mail the postcards, keeping track of who got what when.

I don't mean to knock it but Leads doesn't really do anything valuable other then allow us to sort out spam. Leads could really do a lot of this but it would need some updates to add some features.

In the Leads department it would really be nice we could at least used canned text, the same canned text we use in tickets. We all have to keep a text document on the site with all our “canned” text in it so we can use in when we email form “leads.

Leads needs some work to be of any real value, tweaking it to add some more robust CRM functions would be great.

Being able to build lists based on how many computers a client has, or their location compared to the shop, or the time since their last service visit, or how warm of a prospect they are. All really good stuff.

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    I think the tick that is under Review is the same topic "LEADS Module OVERHAUL - UPGRADE Inboxr and UNIFY Features"

    Same stuff.....separate the ticket filtering system called leads and make a new system for Sales focused totally on sales functions, call backs, sales appointments, follow ups, referrals, postcard mailings, etc.. totally separate list then the names in the current system that are already clients.

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