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Worksheet Dropdown Fields

Hey guys,

We REALLY need to get better functionality for adding dropdowns to worksheets. Not being able to edit worksheet dropdown fields or adding new ones has huge potential for screwery.

We use the dropdown to assign what gas is used for calibration, and the problem is that new gas combinations are discovered over time. Worksheets are basically like coding on the live branch of a project. There is no archiving unused fields, we have to delete them and retype them from scratch, which isn't a big deal for text entries (still weird, because why can't we just edit the name of the field and leave whatever key is used internally alone), but for dropdowns it is an absolute mess.

Anything we can do about this? Not trying to be a downer, but I have a person right now grabbing what we have in those fields and maintaining a text document on dropbox with this data just so we can copy and paste it into repairshopr in the event that we need to add a choice to a dropdown. This isn't a precaution we should really need to be taking.



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  • Greg Williams commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Not quite the same topic as the OP, but close enough! I sent this email to support today



    I would like to use your ticket Worksheet feature to create check lists as I understand the feature is intended.

    If I choose a Text field for each item, the fields are of a reasonable width, however if I choose a Drop-down box field then the width of the drop down box is quite small

    The drop down item looks fine when choosing from the list, but when I choose an item which is longer than 6 characters then it is truncated for no obvious reason.

    Ideally, the drop down box field would display at exactly the same length as the Text field as you can see in the attached screenshot

    Please don't treat this as a feature request, I am letting you know about a bug which can be easily fixed by your developers.

    Unless it is their intention to have a maximum field width of 6 characters in the Drop-down box field, which would seem unlikely.

    I can work around it by using a text field instead of course, but it would be nice to see the field length expanded to (say) 20 or even the current text field length of 30+

    Regards and thanks


    PS On your forums you have a post from over 2 years ago which has not been commented on by anyone at Repairshopr in that time where it seems that the drop-down lists are not editable anyway which would be a problem for me should I choose to use that field type. Like Dean Clarke's comment from March last year I want to do the same thing.


    I am not feeling terribly hopeful about a response given there appears to have been no response to the OP, but I want to do the same thing as Dean as our first foray into Worksheets which are a brilliant idea and just need a little fleshing out which is what feedback and forums are for.

    I am currently only concerned about the drop down box field width which would not work at all well for component items anyway but the inability to edit a drop down list (which we haven't got to yet) would be even more problematic so we will need to use the less sophisticated text fields.

    I would really like a date field type as a feature request but I will save that suggestion for later

  • aesinformation commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Good morning
    We would agree and would like to see editable drop downs in the worksheets. The time lost in reentering information just to add a new item is cost issue for us

  • Dean Clarke commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    I have setup a Build worksheet for when we sell a new laptop or computer. Basically the worksheet lists all components in the computer/laptop, but for some of the dropdown fields e.g. Processor I have i3-6100, i5-6400 etc. Once I have created and saved the field to the worksheet how do I add for example i3-7100 and i5-7400 to the dropdown list? This could be the same for Ram, I currently have a list which has DDR3 and DDR4 - what about when DDR5 comes out. Same for hard drive, what happens when they release larger drives?

    The dropdown fields from my point of view must be editable to avoid problems in the near future.

    Hope this makes it onto the planned list :-)


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