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RMM Integration - N-able by SolarWinds

I see you have MAXfocus integration... any plans, interest, votes, ~~~ for N-able by SolarWinds ?

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    contact@magnify247.com shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Steven Fuel commented  · 

        Any updates on RMM integration with Solar winds?

      • Randy Carrillo commented  · 

        Planning on working with N-Able as well. Any word on the progress with the integration.

      • Michael Wayland commented  · 

        This is the only thing keeping me from jumping into a RepairShopr purchase, any news yet?

      • Andrew Chia commented  · 

        hi troy, what's the update on N-Able or Solarwinds integration with Repairshopr?

      • Jean-Marc commented  · 

        Max Remote is going to be merged with Solarwinds N-able. we would need un upgrade for the integration. THanks

      • Isaac sofer commented  · 

        Looking forward to this.....We have over 1000 devices in n-able and are tired of using ConnectWise or autotask. Repairshopr seems like a very intuitive and simple service desk solution that we would make a good replacement for ConnectWise. Keep up the great work!

      • Tim Nyberg commented  · 

        Just a comment, Solar winds has made a lot of acquisitions in the last few months which may change what you build. They've purchase LogicNow and Mac/MSP. I think their dashboard among other things is under some big changes soon...at least from talking with some of their support people the last few months. But when they are done, integration would be nice.

      • Douglas Bradshaw commented  · 

        n-able 11 has just released with the custom PSA option. I am now using it and wishing repairshopr was integrated.

      • percy commented  · 

        How do you see Comodo One.

      • Anonymous commented  · 


        I would love to see n-Able integrated as well.

      • Nathan Steele commented  · 

        Just signing up to n-able, this would be awesome !

      • tbgsav commented  · 

        Great to hear, thanks for update!

      • Justin commented  · 

        Just a heads up with the new Ncentral 11 they have a Custom PSA option now.

        - Custom PSA -

        The custom PSA feature provides seamless integration with any PSA solution, and lets users view and link to tickets from within the N-central. The custom PSA feature sends notifications to an e-mail inbox, and the PSA solution (or custom-written code) monitors the inbox and creates tickets. REST and SOAP APIs have been added to N-central so that the PSA solution can update N-central with a Ticket ID when a ticket is closed or re-opened.

        Hope this helps!!

      • Stephen Koscelansky commented  · 

        Do this quicker than later, I need better integration.

        For the love of all petes sake don't make me learn ConnectWise

      • Computer Pro Inc commented  · 

        N-Able (Solarwinds) just acquired MaxFocus so I wonder what will come of this?

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